Monday, July 19, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday X 2

Monday morning and we're moving rather slow!  We're supposed to be on the road to pick up my sister right now, but Cocoa is still eating and I'm not even dressed.  That's right.  After two days in the car, I'm throwing the kids in their seats and driving an hour to pick up my sister.  Feeling a little guilty about that, so I made the kids a Muffin Tin Breakfast this morning. 
As always, Bean has a cut up version.  Cocoa's breakfast (from top left, clockwise): Sausage links, sweet roll, banana, blueberry muffin, sweet roll, syrup for dipping sausage, and a Danimals Yogurt Smoothie. 
I wasn't suprised that Cocoa loved the smoothie, but was pleasantly surprised when Bean went to town on it!

Last week's Muffin Tin Meal was a beach theme, since we were at the beach.
From top left, clockwise: goldfish crackers; cucumber and cheese "oyster and pearl"; Shells and cheese with goldfish crackers and hotdog octopus; vanilla pudding ocean with green sprinkles ocean, graham cracker sand, and "Finding Nemo" gummies; banana dolphin; and more shells and cheese.  This was a big hit with Cocoa and her grandparents!

Happy Monday!  More to come later!


Mommyof2girlz said...

Awesome breakfast..I so want some of those bear tins..adorable!. Love the dolphin banana from last week, great idea! Happy MTM :)

Melissa said...

Great MTMs!

I always smile at hotdog octopuses. They are just so silly. :)

varunner said...

Your beach tin is great! I'm impressed you did MTM at the beach.

Christina said...

I absolutely love the banana dolphin! So cute!

Lisa said...

Great tin!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Both of these are wonderful. I love all the elements.

Shannon said...

Those both look great! The beach tin is too sweet and I love the little bear cups.

Christy said...

Great ideas!