Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Impetigo, Injuries, and Indigestion

You'd never guess from the title that I'd be blogging about our vacation!!!!  That's right readers, we dealt with a whole host of fun things on our trip!  On Wednesday night, Mr. Pepper and I took Cocoa to see Toy Story 3, and I noticed she had a red splotch on the right side of her mouth.  This didn't cause me a great deal of concern because Cocoa's body chemistry is fairly acidic and she gets these splotchs sometimes when she drools in her sleep.  The next morning though, it was obvious it wasn't normal.  So, Mr. Pepper took her to the doctor and she had impetigo.  We got some medicine and she was back on the beach in no time.

Next up, injuries. Both Mr. Pepper and my sister-in-law's fiance suffered injuries while body surfing.  Mr. Pepper might have a torn rotator cuff, so he'll be having an MRI later in the week.  Due to this injury, he was unable to drive home.  So, my mother and father-in-law changed their "drive straight through" plans and traveled with us, staying over night at a hotel as well.  There was no way we could have done it without losing our sanity if my mother-in-law hadn't been in the car with me to change movies and play peek-a-boo with Bean.  Needless to say, we went through quite a few ice packs on vacation.

And now, we're on to indigestion.  I have a HUGE fear of sharks... not as bad as snakes, but I think that's because I don't have the ability to come into contact with sharks as often.  Anyway, when I was little, there was an episode in Florida when I thought some dolphins were sharks and I completely panicked.  Since then, I have a fear of water I can't see my feet in and I won't venture far into the ocean.  While we were on vacation, the kids in the house next to ours were fishing and they caught a baby shark and saw a shark in 3ft deep water.  At the end of the week, a woman told us that they've seen more sharks in the North Carolina waters than any other year she can think of.  There were helicopters patrolling up and down the beach each day checking things out.  I was freaking out because Cocoa has no fear and was jumping waves and venturing out into the wide open sea (2 ft water, but still...).  And that's where my indigestion came from!