Thursday, July 8, 2010

Packing, Scrapping and Priorities

Tomorrow morning we pack a three-year-old, a one-year-old and a large number of binkies and movies into our van and head to TopSail Island in North Carolina.  This should be an interesting trip since Cocoa is potty trained (kind of) and Bean hates his car seat.  Dear Lord, let me live through this...

Naturally, since we're leaving tomorrow, I've waited until the last minute to pack and clean the house.  Instead, I've been scrapping all week.  I really need to learn what a priority is...  Please click on the links of the layout name for full credits.

Little Things: I actually scrapped this in May for a digimorph challenge at Two Peas.  Basically, there is a list of people in the morph.  The first person gets the first layout, lifts it, and then passes her creation onto the next person. The only layout you see is the layout of the person in front of you. When the morph is over, it's fun to see how the last layout morphed from the original. 

First Tube Ride: This was created for the "Tuesday Template" challenge at ScrapMatters.  Thanks to Stef for a fabulous template!

Fireworks:  Bean goes to bed at 6 and Cocoa at 7:30.  This year, we let her stay up to see the fireworks.  We paid for it later.  :)

A Llama with Mama: These photos are from a Memorial Day parade.  The local news snapped a few pictures of Cocoa and sent them to my mother.  I used my new "Digital Pea in the Spotlight" kit for this one.  This was created for a SpeedScrap at ScrapMatters.

I might have internet at the beach, but I'm not sure yet.  You better believe that laying out on the sand and watching the waves is going to take up most of my time though.  Hmmm.... maybe I do know what my priorities are.  I'm just not very good at keeping them!  :)