Friday, July 2, 2010

Can't get enough...

Had to make another layout with Britt-ish Designs new "Made in America", available at ScrapMatters.  This one is for Bean's book: Born in the USA (click for full credits). 

The photos actually weren't taken on the Fourth of July. Last year at this time, Bean was admitted to Columbus' Nationwide Children's Hospital for two days due to a viral infection. He had to have a spinal tap done and would scream his head off any time you moved him.  The doctor's couldn't figure out what was wrong, and the infection ran it's course.  A week later, Mr. Pepper came down with a virus that attacked his muscles.  He couldn't even open the dryer door or open the lid of a pop, he was so weak and it hurt him too much!  We think that's what Bean had. Luckily, everything turned out alright!  Hoping this July 4th is much more calm and fun for all of us!  Happy Fourth of July weekend!  Please everyone be safe!