Thursday, June 3, 2010

Speed Scrap

When I first started digiscrapping, I was solely a Two Peas in a Bucket girl.  While I am at Two Peas more often than not, I've started venturing over to ScrapMatters too.  On each site you will find challenges to participate in, which are great ways to work on your skills and have some sort of starting point.  Perhaps the challenge host will have something very specific for you to do (use these three colors, repeat a picture, make a stamp, etc.) or something more open (scraplift another scrapper, use a template, use a free kit, etc.).  It's fun to participate!

ScrapMatters has a fun little event every so often, and they are "Speed Scraps".  The person hosting will set a date and time and each Speed Scrap is an hour long.  You need to be online at that time in order to receive your instructions (well, not at that exact time.  I've come in 30 minutes into a speed scrap and have gotten it done).  Then, the host will post a new instruction every ten minutes, with a total of 7 instructions in an hour.  You then follow the instructions to complete your layout and there is usually a participation prize.  What's that?!?!  A freebie just for participating for everyone participating?!!?  Why not join in? 

Here are some layouts I have completed during speed scraps. Please click on the links for full credits:



Sunblock Mohawk

What I love most about Speed Scraps is seeing what everyone creates.  Although you're receiving instructions, we all interpret things differently and come up with completely different layouts. It's a blast and a great way to build your stash!  Some layouts that I've already shared on here (like "Orange Nose" and "On the Move" and "Such a Boy" were created during Speed Scraps.  I missed a speed scrap last night (my husband and I were playing cards during a thunderstorm), but the next one is Saturday, June 5 at 3PM ET.  Check it out!