Sunday, June 6, 2010

Menu Plan Monday... on Sunday

While our week of menu planning begins on Monday, I sit down each Sunday and figure out what we're eating for the week. I then make a trip to the grocery store on Sunday evenings, when the kids are in bed.  The hope is by doing this, we're saving money...  I need to become much better at clipping coupons and paying attention to sales though!  A good friend of mine shared her menu planning secret, and I'm trying it out this week. Last Monday night at the store (delayed due to holiday weekend) I wrote down what exactly is in each aisle at the grocery store I shop at most.  I have made a spread sheet to record what we'll be eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, as well as what is in each aisle at the grocery store.  The last column holds a place for my grocery list and I'll write everything down as I meal plan. When finished, I cut off the list (which is already organized by aisle at the store) and head to the grocery!  FANTASTIC!!!  It's not incredibly pretty... I could've used some of my scrapping supplies to doll it up, but I wanted the maximum amount of writing space.

Here are the dinners for this week.  From participating in OrgJunkie's "Menu Plan Monday", I've found a great bog called "Chubbie Chica" that gives meal recipes as well as Weight Watchers points.  I've taken a few recipes from her this week (I've linked them back to her as well).
 Monday: Garlic Chicken, red potatoes, watermelon
Tuesday: Hot dogs, green beans, applesauce
Wednesday: Baked salmon, squash/zucchini, grapes
Thursday: hamburgers, oven fries, strawberries/bananas
Friday: Pizza loaf, steamed broccoli, pineapple
Saturday: Daddy Dinner (Mr. Pepper makes the meal... I have a bachlorette party to attend!)
Sunday: Brinner (french toast, bacon, strawberries)

Mr. Pepper will not be dining with us on Tuesday and Wednesday, so the meals are pretty basic.  This way, I can make them even with kiddos running around!  Check back tomorrow for our Muffin Tin Monday meal and on Tuesday for a great new kit coming out from Kerry'd Away Designs!