Monday, May 17, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

Confession... I'm incredibly horrible about blogging. I resolve to be better! We'll see if that actually happens...

Since January, I've been participating in "Muffin Tin Monday". What? It's AMAZING!! There is a wonderful blog where a fantastic woman gives themes (or it can be a no theme day) of a tasty breakfast, lunch, or dinner that you serve your child in a muffin tin... on Monday. Easy. So, I've been giving Cocoa muffin tin lunches, and just started giving them to Bean. They love it! I pick Cocoa up from pre-school and she wants to know what her muffin tin lunch will be. She runs into the house and is SOOOOO excited! I've been super bad at blogging, so I haven't posted anything about it. Well, times are changing!

Today's theme was "Birds and Nests".

Here is Cocoa's lunch. From top left, clockwise: Bird Bath (water for drinking), Bird Poop (vanilla pudding and mini chocolate chips... got the idea from another participant and Cocoa LOVED it. Thought it was so funny), Bird Food (trail mix), worms (chicken noodle soup), nest and eggs (Veggie Straws and raisins), eggs (deviled eggs. Cocoa loves them.

Bean had a muffin tin lunch today too!

Bean's lunch included (from top left, clockwise): worms (chicken noodle soup); bird food (cheerios); ham and cheese (ok, it didn't go with the them. He's just shy of a year old... ); veggie straws (nest). Needless to say, the worms ended up on my floor. He's such a booger! But he did happen to have a festive hairdo for today's lunch theme. Flock of Seagulls, anyone?!?!

So, that's that! It's SUPER easy! I made the eggs while I was scrapping and everything else 15 minutes before I picked up Cocoa. I didn't plan for it or go to the store for anything special... just saw the theme and threw it together. And it makes them happy. If you haven't tried it, I definitely recommend doing it! :) Your kids will LOVE it!

OH! And here's the page I was scrapping. I need to post more of these, huh?

Happy Monday all! (oh, and click on the scrap page for credits)