Friday, May 28, 2010

I won! Say what? I won!

Every two weeks some fabulous women put on a "Lift This" challenge at Two Peas in a Bucket.  Basically, they interview a fantastic paper scrapper and those participating lift (use something inspired by that layout) to create their own layout.  The three women who put this on encourage the participants to really pay close attention to shadow and detail that will make their digital layout look as real as possible. Then, one layout is selected as "the winner" and that person receives a gift certificate to the Two Peas Store and a warm fuzzy feeling.  :)

I was selected as the "Lift This" winner yesterday and I'm SO HONORED!!! The layout above is the one I created.  If you are a fan of "America's Next Top Model", you know what "smyzing" is.  This is my sister in her homecoming dress, getting her pose on.  Click here for full credits and here for the layout that we lifted.

I've truly learned so much from participating in this challenge over the last few weeks.  The feedback, tutorials, and Pea Praise I've received have been so encouraging and valuable in my journey to improve my creativity and shadow work in layouts.  Thanks so much for choosing my layout!  You three AMAZING women are such an inspiration to me!

I leave you with a layout I did in honor of Bean's birthday (click here for full credits).  This was created during a Speed Scrap at ScrapMatters yesterday (these are SO MUCH FUN... guess I'll have to blog about what they are later!)  I will be enjoying the long weekend with some family coming in from Illinois, so I doubt I'll be updating until Monday or Tuesday.  Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I hope you take the time to remember those who have died for your freedom, as well as those loved ones who took the journey before you.