Saturday, August 1, 2009


It should be my middle name. I was always the kid in high school and college who waited until the night before to research and a write a 15 page paper that is worthy half of my grade (and I somehow graduated with honors in high school and college). I procrastinate with just about everything... my kids were even overdue and had to be induced. It's an art and I work hard at not working hard. AH!

So, procrastination and laziness has led me to a point in my life that I'm not happy with. I've never been a "small" person. In high school I seemed to be slightly bigger than all of my friends, but I wasn't obese or anything. THINGS CHANGE MY FRIEND!!! After 2 kids and not caring a damn about what went into my mouth, I'm a whopping 225 pounds! I feel disgusting and don't want to leave the house. While at an amusement park I had the pleasure of trying out a seat on a ride to make sure I could buckle the seat belt.... well, I couldn't. And they tell me why they want me to sit in the seat after I sit down. There's a huge crowd of people just staring at me. Thanks lady, you're swell. Then two nights ago I was at Walmart and a man asked me if I'd been drinking the water. I just looked at him and then he said "You're pregnant, aren't you?". No asshole, I'm not. But thanks for making my day. As Elliot Reed would say, "Well, isn't that just the giant pickle on the crap sandwich that is my day". (I love "Scrubs").

Anyway, I've joined Weight Watchers with my mom and grandma and hopefully I can share my journey as part of my blog. Right now, I've been on it for 6 weeks and I've only lost a pound. I'm not making excuses, but the beginning was rough. My 5 week old son went into the hospital the first week I joined, so I didn't lose weight then since I was living on fast food (in between driving home to get a few hours of sleep and a shower) and not exercising because I sat in a chair while he slept in my arms. I had a SOLID, awesome week where I lost 2 pounds, and I haven't tracked since. It seems if I don't start the week off perfect, it's all down hill from there.

So now I've procrastinated with the point of this post. I'm sitting here trying to get the motivation to go start an exercise program that I purchased over a month ago. It's Chalene Johnson's "Chalean Extreme". It's a lot of weight lifting so that your muscles are fatigued and it reminds me a lot of "Body For Life". Anyway, I'm combining it with my Weight Watchers, so I'm not exactly following her eating plan. I started this post about 4 hours ago (again, life interrupts) and I have finished my first workout session. I think I need heavier weights, and I can't do a push up to save my life, but I think I can actually do this. We'll see what results I have after 3 months on the program.

Well, it's off to bed now. I have some major cleaning to do in the morning because my parents and my in-laws are coming for filets for lunch tomorrow. Each filet is around 12 points (already checked) so I think my mom and I are going to split one. Anyway, good night all. I've procrastinated enough for one day. Time for some shut eye.