Wednesday, January 19, 2011

P365 - Week 2

Seeing as it's almost the end of the 3rd week of 2011, I thought I better get my 2nd week page completed!  We're living in a land of chaos at my house right now... I won't even begin to get into all that is going on.  I'm just busy. ;)

Week 2 (Click for full credits)

I changed the font for my journaling and turned the text on it's side when I had vertical photos.  I realized that you can't read what I've written, so the text is below.  This will go along with my special "Thirty" page.  Check the two out side by side below as well!

January 8 : I was kidnapped and held against my will at Landoll’s Castle to celebrate my 30th birthday with Sarah, Naomi, and Leslie.

January 9: I have the best husband ever!  On Sunday morning I had brunch with my kidnappers and then that evening we went to Jake’s for a birthday dinner with family.  Mr. Pepper surprised me, and some friends from New Albany K-1 were there to celebrate too: Carrie N, Stacy K, and Carrie L!

January 10: Happy 30th to me! Mr. Pepper and I headed to Easton to have dinner at The Melting Pot. By the time we were finished with salad, we were starting to get full, and we still had an entree and dessert to get through!  But the food was delicious and our server was a girl that graduated from high school with me (Renee). 

January 11: Cocoa requested that we have Brinner (breakfast for dinner) and use the new waffle maker I received for Christmas.  It turns and everything!!

January 12: Our house was put back on the market with a new agent. This means more cleaning and organizing need to be done!

January 13: A book arrived for Cocoa and Bean from Grandma & Grandpa R.  They recorded their voices in it so they can read to the kids while in Arizona!

January 14: I’m having an organizing/purging/painting marathon!  After some purging, it looks like we have a new guest bathroom!

Check out the template package for Project 365 at Owl Tree Studio!


~Amy said...

Aw! I love the recordable books :) I am going to pick up a couple for my husband to record before the big D.
And the birthday celebration sounds wonderful!