Friday, August 27, 2010

All Finished Friday

Well, I think I might just start a post called "All Finished Friday". It seems to be the day I always post layouts. Perhaps that's when I'll post all of my layouts I've done that are not creative team related.  It's been a busy week with preparations for my sister's wedding tomorrow. It's a whole weekend of festivities, so staying up late last night to watch Project Runway and veg after was not a good idea.

Here are the last three layouts I completed this week! There is a new designer at Two Peas: Jo Hanna!  She's awesome!  Two of the layouts I did with one of her kits.  I think she's going to help me spend a bit more money! :)  Enjoy!

* Vinnie Pearce's "Journey Back" collection" and an action from "Pioneer Woman"

*Jo Hanna's "February Leap".  Isn't she FABULOUS!?!?*

*Also Jo Hanna's "February Leap".  I think I'm in love..."