Friday, July 30, 2010

Another freebie!

Owl Tree Studio officially launches on SUNDAY, AUGUST 1!!!!!  There is still time to enter for the mega membership giveaway, so get your entries in!  Until then, OTS is giving away a desktop freebie created by Linda Tieu.  Go get it!

Here are two more layouts I was able to finish today.  I then started to tackle organizing the garage.  I gave up for tonight, but the van is in!  That's a huge accomplishment people!  Oh... the layouts... Click on link for full credits.

Little Monster (a Jen Martakis quick page)


Casey Wright said...

Your layouts are super cute! Congrats on working on the garage - we actually just finished cleaning ours out last week - it feels so good to have thrown out a ton of stuff and now both our cars fit - so I definitley know how that feels! :)