Monday, October 8, 2012

Scout Elf

Yes, I'm already thinking about Christmas.  That means, I'm wondering what our Elf on the Shelf, Scout, will be up to this year!  So, I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and share the trouble Scout got into last year! 

Welcome home Scout! He showed up on the fireplace mantle!

Apparently he rode a giraffe back from the North Pole last night.

 Scout made brownies and sampled the batter!

Chillin' in the Christmas tree

Popcorn and a movie anyone?

I guess he couldn't get out to the playset, so he made a swing inside.

Who doesn't love a bubble (cotton ball) bath?!?!

Mint chocolate chip - good choice!  He was so cold that afterward he had to curl up under a blanket!

Decorating is dangerous work!

There's nothing like a good book!

Just hanging around!

Apparently he wanted to see the kids as soon as they got downstairs (our dining room is directly across from the stairs)

He turned the milk green!

What a crazy elf!

We found him strapped in the car. He didn't want to be left behind when the kids went to stay with Grandma!

Scout found his own Sleigh at Grandma's house!

Naughty elf!