Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year, New Project 365

Er... 366?  LEAP YEAR!!!  First of all, let me apologize for the lapse of time between my last post and now.  Holidays kind of took over every second of my day.  But I have two layouts to share with you from my 2012 Project 365 book.  I tried this last year, but with the move and trying to change too much of my template, I really let it go.  I'm hopeful that I can stay on top of things this year!

Once again, I'm using Project 365 templates from Wild Blueberry Ink available at MScraps.

I liked Shirley's templates last year, BUT I LOVE THESE!!! The design is so clean and simple and I really love how she's starting with January 1 having it's own full page as well as December 31.  Such a great touch.  I may play around with changing the background paper, but nothing else.  Last year I tried to do too much and I didn't keep up.  This year, I'm keeping it simple and focusing on telling the story. 

Project 365 Tip #1: Keep your camera or phone out, visible, and within reach. This way, you'll be sure to catch the shot you want to document today.


Casey Wright said...

Happy New Year! Love your layout! Hope all is well!