Friday, April 15, 2011

Crafty Basket

On one of the blogs I frequent, I came across a link to another blog that had the CUTEST Easter basket idea.  The blog is Random Thoughts of a Supermom and the link to her Easter basket blog post.  The idea is very simple and the baskets aren't super elaborate... WHAT I WANTED!  I usually just use a basket from the house that isn't really designated for anything. That's what my mom did when we were little and I just really liked that the Easter Bunny would fill up that basket when he came by our house.  So, here's the finished product:

I bought the bushel baskets and ribbon at Michaels.  I wish I had gone with a bolder ribbon color ( I originally had a light grass green and bright blue) but the Easter pastel ribbons were on sale. Plus, the Easter ribbons were more silk like than the bold colors. The nice thing is, I can take these off and change them for next year if I want.

I spray painted the baskets white, but they don't look as white in person as they do in the picture. I actually like it better that way. It looks more natural.  I followed her directions and used a glue gun to glue the ribbon around the middle and tied on bows... no name labels though.  I also was sure to take a match (couldn't find a lighter) and sealed the ends of the ribbon so it wouldn't unravel. So, I spray painted while the kids were napping and then got up this morning and did the ribbon.  I think all together it took me less than 30 minutes.

Easter last year... a sick Cocoa and a binky sucking Bean!

I'm super excited because last year the Easter goodies barely fit in the basket.  I mean, the bunny man doesn't go overboard with us. Usually he brings the kids things they're going to need soon... Summer sandals, coloring book, new paints, etc. I'm glad he takes the expense off our hands for us. Somehow he knows exactly what we're thinking about purchasing soon! So, what do you think? Are the baskets a success?