Thursday, January 6, 2011

Project 365

January marks my one year anniversary of digital scrapbooking!  In that year I have completed 330 projects.... and I can assure you that 98.362% are of Cocoa and Bean.  Yes, I started this for them, so that they can have something tangible to go to when they want to look back on their childhood years.  But after scrapping pages for two kids and printing those books, I had no idea how to organize something for Mr. Pepper and I.  WE LIVE HERE TOO!!!  We do things each day besides take the photos!  Where do we scrap our memories?!?! 


All year I have seen layouts in the galleries with lovely little "Week 28" titles on them.  It seemed like such a daunting task to me to record something from every day.  Creating 52+ layouts and capturing a moment at day?!?!  When was I going to scrap for my kids?  WHEN WILL I EAT, SLEEP, SHOWER?!?! (Notice cleaning was not a high priority).

This month Owl Tree Studio is rolling out a huge, beautiful, scrap-life-saving kit for those who are invested in a Project 365 book.  The gals of Wild Blueberry Ink and Joey Lynn Designs teamed up to put together a package of 52 layout templates (one for each week); 11 highlight pages to document special events; templates for back, cover, and spine of the book; intro page template; 6 editable 365 stamps; as well as journal prompt ideas and over 100 photo ideas for days that you're just not sure what to do!


The templates are done. I don't have to add papers if I don't want to, yet they are designed so that you can customize to fit your needs if you'd like!  Now, I'm not promising to take a photo a day. I'm thinking my book is going to be more like a summary of the week/2 weeks... but I'm going to get those memories down for my husband and I!  I have an AWFUL memory!  I want to be able to look back and read about the fact that Bean is starting to string together words to make little sentences... that Cocoa is at FULL FORCE in the princess phase (will this ever end?!?!), and that Mr. Pepper took almost 2 hours to get home tonight.  Ohio snow.  Wow.

Here is the kit preview:

A sample week layout (these pages would make a 2-page, side-by-side layout... I just couldn't put them side-by-side on the blog without making them small):

And right now the kit is 20% off!  All of this for $21.59.  You can't beat an entire album, ready to go, beautifully designed, and stress-free! Because there is so much DELICIOUSNESS in this kit, Owl Tree Studio is allowing you to have the ability to download a section at a time all year long! That way, when you're working on week 22, you download week 22.  You don't have all of this data hogging up space on your hard drive. 

I hope you'll check back and challenge me to see this project through to the end. It won't be perfect... I don't promise to take photos and journal every day... I'm going to make this book mine and keep these memories on the shelf so I can take them down and reminisce when I'd like.


~Amy said...

I'll be posting my first page tomorrow :) GREAT kit for super cheap given all that's in it!

Casey Wright said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary - you've definitley accomplished a lot and have been super busy! Good luck with 365 - I've never been able to commit to it - can't wait to see what you create - happy new year!